July 30, 2005



Last year, one of the big stories around these parts was how young(er) upstart Melissa Bean defeated the elderly 17-term Republican Phil Crane for the 8th Congressional District seat. Word was that old Phil was so upset he refused to make the obligatory call to congratulate her after the results were in. Well goddamn, I'll bet this week he sent Melissa a big fucking bouquet of flowers and then invited her over for dinner after hearing that she voted yes to CAFTA like a good little Bush Democrat.

I'm sure the residents of the predominately Republican 8th District are also fucking overjoyed; after all, she defended her vote by stating, "My primary responsibility is to support the interests of my constituents.....they will benefit from CAFTA." It really should be no surprise--on her campaign website she came right out and told us what a pro-business company twat she really was by saying, "Admittedly, I am not a career politician. My background is in the high tech industry--with over 20 years in corporate management and as a business owner.....we can open new foreign markets and stimulate domestic job growth."


"Fuck you, working America!"

Despite this, she received endorsements from 11 labor organizations who are now pissed as all fuck and are already putting the word out on her. You know that crusty fucker Crane is beside himself with glee, licking his quivering lips and thinking about getting back in for a coupla two t'ree more terms before he goes teats up. Don't worry Melissa--you've proven yourself loyal, and if it ever comes about there will be a spot waiting for you in Hillary's corporate-friendly administration.

July 26, 2005


The Horror Is That There Is No Horror

Civil war finally came about within the declining labor movement this week:

Democrats Watch in Horror as Union Base Falls Apart

Nice title--as if their actions (and inactions) had nothing to do with it.

July 22, 2005


Last Throes

All you 42 year old fucks that voted for Bush's war can join up now!

Come on--it's not THAT dangerous, you pussies.

It's cool, the Democrats are all for it!

July 16, 2005


That's Right, With Your Money

This week, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich stepped up and signed over some state money to fund embryonic stem cell research. Blagojevich, who still can't be trusted around workers' pensions, has had a fairly good record lately in dealing with pro-life wackos and their legion of self-righteous pharmacists.

Now, let me get this straight--a few fertilized eggs in a goddamned freezer somewhere have more value than conscious, breathing individuals with fucked-up health problems that might be helped out by stem cells? (Yes, of course.) Jesus cock-gobbling christ, these people are fucking insane. Maybe instead of bitching about the use of existing stem cells, you'd think they would be going after the "elites" and yuppies that have a bad case of baby rabies and money to burn on in-vitro fertilization which is the cause of soon-to-be-discarded leftover embryos. Of course, that's OK because we need to use any and all means to make more white christian babies.

die KKK die                                                     (why is this picture missing? see below)
Publicly denounced and secretly acknowledged by xtians worldwide.

Oh well, at least there is some satisfaction in thinking about them seething at their tax dollars going towards something they hate so much. It's juvenile as hell, but I don't give a flying fuck on the cross. Ahhh-ha!

***Update (7-24-05) Previously above, there was a disturbing drawing of two supposedly Aryan types fawning over a new baby with the caption "It is simple reality that to be born white is an honor and a privilege". In the last few days, the image has not been coming up on the page and at first I thought it had been censored by Blogger, even though its use was clearly anti-fascist. I then went to the original source and it was also missing, with the words "Image nicht gefunden". I was all ready to go off on Blogger in a new rant, but it looks like the Germans took it down. Himmel!

July 13, 2005


Honesty And Dignity

I can hardly talk about this whole Rove/Plame/Wilson thing, it just makes me fucking nuts. I'll say it once again--imagine the roles reversed and the heat that Clinton, or any Democrat, would be (deservedly) getting right now. Actually, a little pressure was finally applied this week by reporters to liar for hire Scott McClellan (Monday's transcript can be read here).

Whatever the outcome, be assured that Rove is not going away. Remember in "Casino" when the De Niro character was being too outspoken and was ordered to change his job title, yet still run the joint? Exactly. President Cheney would never allow it.

aaaahh, just 30 min. more and the Viagra will kick in

July 09, 2005


What Would Jesus Conserve?

U.S. Evangelicals Boost Green Lobby

July 06, 2005


Saint Ronnie, Hear Our Prayers!

i am so dead

July 05, 2005


c'MoN DuDes, jOIn ThE aRMy!

Today the Chicago Sun-Times joined the Bush administration's increasingly futile effort to put a happy face on a smoking, bloody skull by featuring a couple of military poster boys who are so gung-ho that they want to return to Iraq for more. The article "Many soldiers eager to re-enlist" starts out by briefly mentioning that the first guy "joined the Army to get away from his part-time jobs as a telemarketer and a cargo handler". Fuck, don't dwell on the reasons behind a 24-year old having two part-time jobs that sucked so bad and paid so little that he would sign his life away to the military--let's get right to spreading the lie that "the Army offers him a career as a communication specialist and his family a secure future."

"The Army gives you a chance to see life.....you're secure. You have food. You have shelter. You have a paycheck."

The story, which reads as if it were written by a goddamned military recruiter, continues with a soldier who wants to return to Iraq and jump out of airplanes EVEN THOUGH HE GOT PART OF HIS FUCKING LEG BLOWN OFF last year.

"It's my life. It's where I need to be."

The Sun-Times has to keep it cool, but the message is clear: "Hear that, you shiftless no skills part-time job having mid-20s no future sacks of shit? You won't even join, and this hardcore motherfucker with one leg is going back to defend freedom while you sit around on your candy asses playing video games and think about fucking his girlfriend. If you were any kind of man, you would run right down to the mall and sign up, you faggot."

The article ends with a short paragraph about pussies who "even try to get out of their original service commitments". The paper should have been required to put "Advertisement" at the top of this blatant piece of propaganda. Jesus fucking christ in a foxhole.

July 04, 2005




How dare you--I oughta kick your Commie ass!

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