July 13, 2005


Honesty And Dignity

I can hardly talk about this whole Rove/Plame/Wilson thing, it just makes me fucking nuts. I'll say it once again--imagine the roles reversed and the heat that Clinton, or any Democrat, would be (deservedly) getting right now. Actually, a little pressure was finally applied this week by reporters to liar for hire Scott McClellan (Monday's transcript can be read here).

Whatever the outcome, be assured that Rove is not going away. Remember in "Casino" when the De Niro character was being too outspoken and was ordered to change his job title, yet still run the joint? Exactly. President Cheney would never allow it.

aaaahh, just 30 min. more and the Viagra will kick in

Finally the White House press corps gets a backbone. Let's see how long this lasts.

You're right, Dude, if this was Clinton...
All is well if all is fair.
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