May 13, 2007


I Dig Chicks

"See now, that ol' left hand has got the wedding ring on it, so it's all drawn up and behavin' itself. But this right hand here is gonna get itself some titty right now, heh heh heh."


"I know you two girls work hard to put food on your family, but your boss only made 30 million dollars last year. Now that's a goldurn shame, and he and I figure that if this here plant closes down and moves where there's folks that will do your job for 75 cents an hour, he'll be up over 50 million before you know it. Lucky for you there's a new Wal-Mart opening up just down the road. Let's just step this way and get you ladies fit for a blue smock, heh heh heh."

Feel free to caption him yourself.

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