July 26, 2006


Quote of the Year

"I prefer to die when I'm helping people. Not when I'm hiding."

--Qasim Chaalan, Lebanese Red Cross medic, upon leaving the hospital early to return to work after being wounded when his ambulance was intentionally fired upon by Israelis.


Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes

July 25, 2006


Striving for Less

Yesterday Da Mare held a press conference to promote the short-sighted belief that bad jobs are better than no jobs at all. Flanked by a contingent of his bought-and-paid-for clergy, Daley described the fairness of the pending "big-box ordinance" (which would require mega-profit stores such as Wal-Mart and Target to pay employees a living wage plus benefits like Costco does) as "redlining" and would not give a straight answer when asked if he would use his veto powers for the first time if the city council has the balls to pass it.

Daley's tax-exempt, buy-city-land-for-a-dollar ministers on a string then chimed in, with the tunnel-visioned Bishop Arthur Brazier of the Apostolic Church of God bleating, "This is a union fight. I don't think the aldermen ought to be stalking horses for the unions. (???) Let Wal-Mart build their stores. Then, let the unions organize." I don't think the good bishop even has a clue about the lengths Wal-Mart has gone and will go to prevent unions from organizing. They spend millions to employ private firms that specialize in union-busting, and will even simply shut down a store for union activity. If that happens here, what explanation will the godly Daley yes-men have then?

The mayor and his placated posse of anti-union community leaders are right about one thing--if the ordinance passes, there is no way in hell Wal-Mart will build a store on the south or west side of the city. However, they will most likely build in border towns like Evergreen Park or Cicero where some can still find a job relatively close to home or shop nearby for good old discounted American products (made in China).

July 05, 2006


Good Riddance

Until somebody better comes along (like Cheney with his bad ticker), I propose July 5 be declared National Grave Dancing Day:

Kenny Boy found dead, dead, dead!!!

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