July 25, 2006


Striving for Less

Yesterday Da Mare held a press conference to promote the short-sighted belief that bad jobs are better than no jobs at all. Flanked by a contingent of his bought-and-paid-for clergy, Daley described the fairness of the pending "big-box ordinance" (which would require mega-profit stores such as Wal-Mart and Target to pay employees a living wage plus benefits like Costco does) as "redlining" and would not give a straight answer when asked if he would use his veto powers for the first time if the city council has the balls to pass it.

Daley's tax-exempt, buy-city-land-for-a-dollar ministers on a string then chimed in, with the tunnel-visioned Bishop Arthur Brazier of the Apostolic Church of God bleating, "This is a union fight. I don't think the aldermen ought to be stalking horses for the unions. (???) Let Wal-Mart build their stores. Then, let the unions organize." I don't think the good bishop even has a clue about the lengths Wal-Mart has gone and will go to prevent unions from organizing. They spend millions to employ private firms that specialize in union-busting, and will even simply shut down a store for union activity. If that happens here, what explanation will the godly Daley yes-men have then?

The mayor and his placated posse of anti-union community leaders are right about one thing--if the ordinance passes, there is no way in hell Wal-Mart will build a store on the south or west side of the city. However, they will most likely build in border towns like Evergreen Park or Cicero where some can still find a job relatively close to home or shop nearby for good old discounted American products (made in China).

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