October 17, 2007



Just about every week I get an indignant e-mail forward about how people from other countries should speak English, that English should be declared the official language of the U.S. or how certain citizens don't speak English correctly (usually a copy of the Bill Cosby rant is gleefully and self-righteously included).

But why should these groups of people make any effort when the fucking president of the United States is on television speaking like shit also? I just watched a press conference where an evasive, smirking Bush was spouting the usual lies, distortions and threats peppered with words and phrases like:

"We gon" (we're going to)
"You gon" (you're going to)
"Imo" (I'm going to)
"Dunnt" (doesn't)
"Innt" (isn't)
and multiple uses of "Gummint" (gov-ern-ment)

I know there were many more, but those were the ones I could catch. Where the hell is Cosby now? I don't see him on TV denouncing George's mushy mouth--or, at the very least, that other annoying fuckhead Jeff Foxworthy embracing him as one of his own. But, W. might like that--it would reinforce his whole phony image of the regular-guy-from-Texas-you'd-want-to-have-a-beer-with. I'll bet that shit dunnt fly with Mommy when he goes back home to Kennebunkport for a visit.

October 09, 2007


Under God


(Pilfered from BartCop.com. Go read him.)

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