November 05, 2007


I Want My EmpT-V!

Today members of the Writer's Guild of America walked out on strike due to failed talks with TV networks regarding their unwillingness to negotiate a contract that would give writers their fair share of the money generated from thousands of internet and DVD releases. For years writers have been stuck with a system that pays royalties based on the distribution of their work on VHS only.

Of course, most of the stories this morning are about how viewers are going to get fucked with reruns, not about network TV cleaning up on new technology and screwing the workers who write the shows, stupid as they may be.

We'll be able to see in the coming days and weeks which actors and other personalities are for or against the strike, but so far a video has shown Tom Cruise to be the vacant dipshit he is, while Christie Brinkley was happily on the side of the writers, wishing them well on the street and saying she remembers as a kid her father out on strike.

Also, the fans are weighing in, with whack job Chris Tian (ha--get it?) calling the strike "entertainment terrorism". I'm going to send him a nice e-mail at the address he gave out (, feel free to do the same.

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