April 12, 2006


Shameless Plug

Just like I did once last year, I'm setting aside for a day all ranting about current events to put the word out about a new record that was released last month. Jake Burns, founding member of the still relevant and active Belfast punk group Stiff Little Fingers, and who now resides in Chicago, has put together an album of original and traditional Irish songs (and one Van Morrison cover) entitled "Drinkin' Again":

give me rum give me vodka give me brandy give me beer

I've been a Stiff Little Fingers fan for quite a few years (and punk rock in general, thanks in part to ILLEGAL HOME TAPING committed during the 1980s by TIM COOPER, DAVE LARKIN, DAN MARTELL AND SCOTT STRONG), so I was pumped as hell when I received a call to come in and record a couple of songs on upright bass for Burns' solo record (title track "Drinkin' Again" and "V.E. Day"). Needless to say, in this instance I am hypocritically refusing to burn a disc for any of you--Amazon or Amazon UK will be happy to sell you a copy. Thanks.

April 07, 2006




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