March 08, 2005


Shake Hands With The Devil

I'm taking a break from my bitching to inform the half dozen of you who read this that the band Devil In A Woodpile (featuring the gruff vox and washboard of pal-turned-in-law Rick "Cookin'" Sherry) released their latest record today, "In Your Lonesome Town".

When people have asked me over the years what they sound like, I always said "country blues", but here is a better description from their page on the Bloodshot Records website:

"Most white folk these days be playing 'the blues music' (you know, the hackneyed, soulless, tourist-blues with the wailing guitar solos and the watered-down Cream approach that appeals to all them rusting old hippies with their neatly trimmed pony tails and faded Canned Heat @ Monterey Pop T's - We swear to GOD, if we hear one more version of 'Sweet Home Chicago...'). Devil in a Woodpile; they play blues. They also play country. Ragtime. Hot Jazz. Hillbilly. It's all the same to them. It's all taken from the same well called American Music that existed long before wise guy marketing goons decided to categorize the whole mess."

Goddamn right.

If you are in or near Chicago, they are having a record release party this Friday 3/11 at the Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia @10pm. Stop by, say hi and have a cold PBR.

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