August 18, 2006


Christians Speak, Jesus Pukes (Vol. 1)

This week in good old Texas, a church group that was offended and "surprised" by repeated jesus jokes in the movie "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" cried blasphemy and walked out of the theater in a huff. No problem there. However, after receiving a refund from the theater they decided to stick around " provide a service to Christian people so they wouldn’t waste their time and money seeing a mockery of what we believe in", according to Randall Bost, pastor of Faith Bible Church in Caddo Mills (that's in Texas, goddammit). Not content to merely talk to other people in their cult, they decided to stage a protest on the spot and began yelling and waving signs at random passing cars and pedestrians:


The local cops made them get the fuck away from the front of the theater, so they moved conveniently next door to a church parking lot and continued their bitching. Christer Katie McMahan complained, "I think it’s a joke how a policeman can kick us off the theater’s property when we stand up for our Christian values, but they won’t do a thing about cussing in the theater or things like that", suggesting that the fucking police department should go into a theater and shut down a movie that has "cussing" and makes fun of her imaginary friend.

I really wanna go see it now, especially now that I know it "ridicules the Bible Belt, southern white Christian men, Christianity, Jesus Christ, the family, and American masculinity". Not to mention NASCAR. Fuck yeah!

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