July 16, 2005


That's Right, With Your Money

This week, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich stepped up and signed over some state money to fund embryonic stem cell research. Blagojevich, who still can't be trusted around workers' pensions, has had a fairly good record lately in dealing with pro-life wackos and their legion of self-righteous pharmacists.

Now, let me get this straight--a few fertilized eggs in a goddamned freezer somewhere have more value than conscious, breathing individuals with fucked-up health problems that might be helped out by stem cells? (Yes, of course.) Jesus cock-gobbling christ, these people are fucking insane. Maybe instead of bitching about the use of existing stem cells, you'd think they would be going after the "elites" and yuppies that have a bad case of baby rabies and money to burn on in-vitro fertilization which is the cause of soon-to-be-discarded leftover embryos. Of course, that's OK because we need to use any and all means to make more white christian babies.

die KKK die                                                     (why is this picture missing? see below)
Publicly denounced and secretly acknowledged by xtians worldwide.

Oh well, at least there is some satisfaction in thinking about them seething at their tax dollars going towards something they hate so much. It's juvenile as hell, but I don't give a flying fuck on the cross. Ahhh-ha!

***Update (7-24-05) Previously above, there was a disturbing drawing of two supposedly Aryan types fawning over a new baby with the caption "It is simple reality that to be born white is an honor and a privilege". In the last few days, the image has not been coming up on the page and at first I thought it had been censored by Blogger, even though its use was clearly anti-fascist. I then went to the original source and it was also missing, with the words "Image nicht gefunden". I was all ready to go off on Blogger in a new rant, but it looks like the Germans took it down. Himmel!

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