June 18, 2007


The Real "Baby Killers"

Last week there was a report that two freaklitters were shat out on the same day due to pregnancies produced by unpredictable fertility drugs. In both cases, the six-pack of young fetuses found the uterus to be too crowded, and spilled out after only 22 fucking weeks. In one family, three of the sextuplets have gone on to hang with the full-term Baby Jesus, and the rest, in critical condition, may be joining them soon. As one of the doctors put it, "....a handful of 22-week old babies have survived, but it is a rare event." No shit.

Of course, the baby-rabid parents were warned early in the pregnancy that their six drug-induced little zygotes might not all survive, and the suggestion to use "selective reduction"--getting rid of most of them so at least one or two come out healthy--was flatly rejected by the "committed Christians" who said that the fate of their lab-manufactured underdeveloped bundles of joy was "in God's hands." Now, I'm just guessing that if there was a God he would advise the parents, who in all probability are pro-lifers, that the humane suctioning of some of the embryos would be preferable over sentencing all six of the little fuckers to short lives of NICU torture and then death.

Apparently, though, this seems to sit just fucking fine with "God" and Baby Jesus, because, as bioethicist Alexander Capron says regarding the christ-filled parents, "It is always an interesting situation when people rely on modern medicine and talk about God's will--because if it were simply God's will, then you'd say, 'If you're not becoming pregnant, that must be God's will.' But people instead say, 'No, God's will is that I use medical interventions.'"

Obviously, all of this infanticide could have been avoided if the assholes would just fucking adopt. Christ, pro-lifers who are infertile should be the fucking BIGGEST advocates of adoption. They should be lining up around the goddamned block to "save the babies". Instead, they're killing them six at a time (enabled by a medical community that is more than happy to make a buck off someone's misguided notion that they HAVE to have their own baby), and with the full approval of their imaginary friend.

Treatment for infertility belongs in the same group of other unnecessary medical treatments such as tit jobs (and other vain types of plastic surgery), boner pills and hair transplants. Mr. Capron put it nicer when he said, "If the idea is that you want to become a parent, there are a lot of children out there who need parents....and the notion that you have to use artificial means to become biologically pregnant, and a parent in that way, is not very persuasive to me."

But, some motherfuckers just HAVE to replicate their own DNA, and multiple premature births--along with full-term births with mental and physical deformities, which I've seen happen to relatives--are a common end result of drug therapy. Again, as Capron states, "If what you are saying is: 'I want to pass on my genes, which are very special to me and to the world, and the only way to do that is to reproduce biologically, rather than the act of parenting', I sympathize with that. But I am not one who believes you should run great risks to do it."

I can just hear the big pharmaceutical companies laughing all the way to the fucking bank.

Just another loss of protein....
Will you get over your deformities?, you know baby jesus still loves you.
There are no words.
Good to see more of the childfree persuasion in Chicago.

Christ, pro-lifers who are infertile should be the fucking BIGGEST advocates of adoption.
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