February 05, 2007


Different Sides Of The Same Coin

Yesterday the co-workers were getting all pissy again about "the media" paying sooooo much attention to the fact that both head coaches in the Super Bowl this year were black guys. However, if the morons had taken two minutes to look a little closer, they might have noticed that they have much more in common with Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy than they think, for both men are conservatives and jesus-lovers just like themselves. Especially Dungy, who is the Guest of Honor next month at the annual Friends of the Family Banquet being thrown by the Indiana Family Institute, an uptight group of christers who lie awake at night plotting ways to keep queers from getting hitched--because, goddammit, marriage is on the books in Indiana "in order to encourage male-female couples to procreate within the legitimacy and stability of a state-sanctioned relationship and to discourage unplanned, out-of-wedlock births resulting from 'casual' intercourse."


Now, I haven't actually heard or read statements by Dungy denouncing gay nuptials, but to be the honored guest of the IFI (who have a "special message" posted on their website from Dr. Dobson).....you. make. the. call.

Hmmm--the team led by the IFI-sponsored xtian beat the team led by the non-IFI-sposored xtian--maybe "god" DOES "hate fags".

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