January 05, 2006


Hypocrite Of The Year Contest Underway

Well, well, well--looks like there is already an entry for first prize in the category of Queer-Bashing Clergy Who Secretly Crave Cock. Lonnie Latham, senior pastor at South Tulsa Baptist Church in Oklahoma, who preaches against same-sex marriage and describes homosexuality as a "sinful, destructive lifestyle", was arrested Tuesday night in the parking lot of the Habana Inn (located 100 miles away in Oklahoma City) and charged with trying to get an undercover cop to "join him in his hotel room for oral sex".

jesus says you faggots are all sickos. now how about a nice, sloppy blowjob?

Upon his release on bail yesterday afternoon he stated, "I was set up. I was in the area pastoring to police."

Uh huh.

As if that wasn't a lame enough excuse (there is no mention of a special ministry to law enforcement on the church's website), what the news reports left out is that the Habana Inn, where it seems the Rev. Latham had already booked a room, is no ordinary hotel--it bills itself on a website as "The Southwest's Largest Gay Resort Hotel" that is "located in the heart of Oklahoma City's gay district". Now, I don't want to make any assumptions, but it looks like Latham had his own little gay district (or wanted to) right in the offices of the South Tulsa Baptist Church with:

i'm married, but pastor Latham sees right through that
Minister of Music Philip Stephens,

pastor Latham always asks me to come in and take a letter when he's in the bathroom
Minister of Administration Russell Slack,

pastor Latham says he feels led to take me to Oklahoma City with him soon so i can help him with his 'pastoring' to police officers
and (come on now, we're not stupid here) Minister to Students and their Families Danny Stockstill.

What a fucking moron--jesus dropped three "hotties" right into his lap, and because it still wasn't good enough for him, he had to drive all that way only to get busted. I wonder if I can get his almost-new impounded Mercedes cheap at an auction?

OK I live in central Oklahoma and there are a couple of small corrections/additions to the story.
He was booked in the local Holiday Inn Express. He had been following the cop (who was investigating male prostitution complaints in the area) and pulled into the Habana parking lot to make the proposition. Because it did not include payment arrangements, he was busted for the "lewdness" charge. He has now resigned from his church and his position on the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.
considering the youth minister at this church is part of my family i would like to comment on your story:
i believe that what you say about your point of view in religion and how people handle their own beliefs is your decision and your right.. i have no problem with that so do not think that this is what upsets me.
what lonnie did to the church and everyone that supported him was selfish.. however it happened. i think that you pin pointing the other men in the church to have something to do with it, or being involved in homosexual behavior is ridiculous. did you not see the pictures of the women on the staff too? did you just feel like you needed to add others in the drama by making the men look part of this scandal? do you not think those men are having to deal with enough already? do you feel good to bring others down with your petty opinions on how other people live their lives? i am sorry your life is so miserable that you have to feel it necessary to belittle others. it makes me very sad that you have nothing happy to write about or to say.. maybe you don't believe in religions, or what others believe and that is fine.. but can't you respect them and how they choose to live? i think you are rude and i am sorry you are so unhappy.
I was on staff at this church, and the other staff are all married (to the opposite sex), and have children, and are living the Christian lifestyle. I can't believe you would pull them into Lonnie's problems. I knew everyone in the church personally, and I wish you would have done a better job investegating the story better!
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