November 30, 2005


Homo Go Home

The largest group of drag queens in the world has officially told queers who want to be priests that they can fuck off. In a statement titled "Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with Regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in View of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders" (whew--try saying that all at once with cock in your mouth), the Vatican tries to convince everyone that all the problems they have had through the years with peepee-touching clergy can be solved by not admitting any more gays to seminaries.

This was parroted by the local head priest, Cardinal Francis George who said, "While every person is to be respected, men cannot be admitted to Holy Orders who 1) practice homosexuality; 2) have 'deeply rooted' homosexual tendencies; or 3) support the so-called 'gay culture.'"

Why any thinking, self-respecting human being, gay or straight, would want to be a Catholic priest (or a Catholic, for that matter) is beyond me, but this position by the church will only ensure that the sick fucks who only like little girls and boys will continue to get in while excluding good men who simply want to help people out in the way they think is right and then go home and safely enjoy some adult dick. It is beyond ludicrous to think all homosexuals are potential pedophiles, and I happily predict a whole fuckload of lawsuits if they try to enforce this shit.

i am infallible, you little fucks

"Don't worry children, I won't let those faggots in to get you. Now go see Father O'Nevertell--you can trust HIM."

Dude, that's a great fucking photo.

I know this is piling it on Pope Ratzo, but check out this paragraph from a story about some TV biopics of his predecessor:

In May, Benedict watched a Vatican screening of the miniseries "Karol, A Man Who Became Pope," which was shown in the United States on the Hallmark Channel. He praised that film, which included scenes of Nazi persecution of Poles and Jews, and denounced the barbarity of World War II, which both he and John Paul lived through.

Um, Ratzo, you were a fucking Hitler Youth, man.

And let's not forget that Ratzo was accused of covering up a huge priest sex abuse scandal.

"Never mind that shit! LOOK!! FAGGOTS!!"
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