September 25, 2005


Holy Onanists Unite!

Hey, evangelicals! Do you "struggle" with pornography? Only 14 days left until you and your fellow closet perverts have to throw out all those hidden issues of Shaved Asians and Naughty Neighbors and get down to your local house of worship for National Porn Sunday! It's time to repent and give Jesus and your family back all those hours you spend looking at naked ladies.

pastor Jim's mom back in the day, rowwwrrr!

(For the rest of you beatoffs, stay tuned for a special edition of The Dude Minds on Oct. 9--guaranteed to offend christians and anti-porn liberals everywhere.)

Hey!, What about PornMonday through Saturday?
Speaking of porn, Jeff, the picture didn't magically appear. Not that I am a registered onanist, but what's with the big tease? SHOW ME THE SKIN!
Dammit, it doesn't "pop" up on the first page "load" for me, either--try hitting any link on the page, it should appear when you return to the home page.
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