August 26, 2005


"Oppressing" The Oppressors

The schoolyard bullies are once again whining that they are being picked on. An article in today's Sun-Times reports that ".....many evangelicals still consider themselves a persecuted majority, saying they continue to be maligned by some of the most influential institutions in the country--the media, public schools, universities and Hollywood. Societal demands for tolerance are extended to every group but theirs, they argue".

As usual, the christ nazis cannot (or refuse to) realize two basic things:

1. Unlike being non-white or queer, having an imaginary friend and blindly following his supposedly inerrant book of rules is a FUCKING CHOICE.

please do

2. Being ridiculed for making that choice is NOT persecution.

Fuck--if they had just a taste of this, this or this kind of persecution, they would quit crying about merely being laughed at in a second. Instead, they bitch about being an oppressed group while simultaneously going on the offensive:

i want my way and i am going to get it

"Peril" is defined as "exposure to injury, loss, or destruction; risk; jeopardy; danger". You can bet your grandma's sweet ass that behind that pious, "loving" mask is the face of one hateful motherfucker hell bent on revenge toward anyone who either suggests that their cult is full of shit, or who makes any sensible resistance to their attempts at overtaking the country. Maybe if a few of their leaders such as Robertson, Dobson or Falwell were assassinated, they would finally have something to complain about. Just saying.

Well said, darlin'.
"I believe in this,
and its been tested by research,
-The Clash-
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