August 10, 2005


Gotta Gettaway

thanks, beeotch

Poor Dubya. He was trying to enjoy vacation #50--driving around the ranch in a big 'ol pickup truck, clearing brush, hopping on a horse to rope some cattle, having a plate of beans by the campfire--but that goddamned dead soldier's mother won't leave the gate (actually, her Secret Service-designated spot along the road three miles from the gate), and many supporters, veterans and other protesters are descending on humble little Crawford, Texas. So, George is sneaking out today to visit Aurora, Illinois where he will sign the transportation bill. After that he is scheduled to stop in and visit the Caterpillar plant, where 4,000-5,000 lucky employees and other locals who were able to get a ticket will probably hear him spout shit like "the American worker is the backbone of the economy" and "your hard work helps to ensure freedom". Since the CEO of Caterpillar is a known supporter of CAFTA, I'm predicting those sought-after admission tickets will soon be followed by pink slips.

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