June 24, 2005


Steaming Update

It's fucking hot as christ roasting in hell, this room is not air conditioned, I've had about 9 beers, I have to work tomorrow and it's gonna be at least 90 degrees, so here is a short list of current shit:

Want emergency contraception, baby killer? Burn in hell--not only will your pharmacist refuse to refer you to another baby killing colleague (as mandated in Illinois), he or she just might confiscate your prescription, you dirty slut.

Speaking of medicine, it turns out the medical community thinks that black people really are different.

Got cancer? Got a sick parent or spouse? Just had a kid? FUCK YOU.

Hey, patriots--cheap U.S. flags can be found here.

Bill O'Reilly sez the "clowns" at Air America Radio should be rounded up by the FBI and put in chains.

"Dr." Bill Frist is still a a lying sack of fuck.

Jesus handjob, it's hot--time to retreat to the one cool room in the house. Fuck fuck motherfuck.

Dude, have you been watching "Deadwood"?

E.B. Farnum (to Calamity Jane): Be brief!

Calamity Jane (to E.B.): BE FUCKED!!
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