June 12, 2005


No Love Boat For You

FUCK!!! I was all set to go on the Thomas More Law Center's swingin' "Battle For American Values" cruise with Bill O'Reilly:

hot hot hot

I had my big 'ol beach towel, I had my sunscreen, I had my goddamned Bible, and I had one of those glittery markers for Bill to hopefully sign it with. And then I find out that they fucking canceled it, something about "a lack of interest". I can't believe this shit! Who wouldn't want to hang with Bill in his Speedos, have a couple of drinks on the deck and talk about values and stuff?

talk dirty to me Bill

Ok, maybe one person.....but goddammit, I was ready to par-tay with Bill and maybe get some pointers on picking up chicks.

I can understand Bill, she's HOT!!!
He's certainly got the right idea about the shower!!!!!!!!!!
At the "Foster's" again, eh Billy?
By the way, we want that fuckin' keychain back!
That prim little twat certainly is stacked......guaranteed, she'd cum so hard she'd piss blood........
That's exactly what your sister did this morning,(and your daddy last night!)
Dude, you have a fucked-up readership...
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