June 16, 2005


Fuck Facts!

I know this has been said by many others before, but CAN YOU FUCKING IMAGINE if the tables were turned and the Republicans had this much shit on Bill Clinton, Al Gore or John Kerry? Holy christ on rollerskates, they would certainly be impeached, possibly jailed, and you can be shit sure that a new "Deep Throat" (instantly out and proud, no 30 year wait here) would be hailed as an American hero and patriot.

Of course, Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and the rest could all appear at a press conference wearing nothing but black socks and holding quivering puppies impaled on sticks as they said over and over, "the use of military force was a last resort, progress is being made" and the faithful sheep (along with the mainstream press) would STILL give them a break, even though some Republicans such as Rep. Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones and high-ranking military officials who are actually out in Iraq are starting to publicly question the origins and future of the war. And the Democrats? Aside from a few like Rep. John Conyers and Wesley Clark, most of them are too busy lately distancing themselves from the refreshing and overdue mud-slinging of Howard Dean.

News flash: Looks like former independent candidate for governor of California and porn actor Mary Carey has turned Republican. Now that's a "values" cruise that would definitely not be underbooked:

jerk off to me, jesus boy

Don't let those right-wing stuffed shirts fool you, they all love tits and ass, ESPECIALLY the christian ones (it's something they like to "struggle" with). If Mary ever had a cruise for conservatives, you could be goddamned sure there would be a bunch of Promise Keepers sneaking on board.


Rainman is in the white house.

This shit is getting stupid.
But Will Their Children Produce Porn News?

(BEVERLY HILLS) -- X-rated video mogul Mark Kulkis, who escorted porn star Mary Carey to June's GOP dinner with President Bush, has found a new love interest: Washington powerdater and CNN producer Kathy Benz.

The two met during an interview while Kulkis, 40, president and CEO of Kick Ass Pictures, was in DC for the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual President's Dinner. He's honorary chairman of the NRCC's Business Advisory Council, a roundtable of millionaire entrepreneurs.

Benz denies she's cozying up to Kulkis to get a scoop for CNN about the private lunch he and Carey had with White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove. "Mark's a wonderful guy and I think this could be the real thing," she tells girlfriends.

Benz, 35, is known in Washington power circles for dating such figures as venture capitalist Jonathan Ledecky (now trying to buy the Washington Nationals), Univ. of Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams, and spent time last August with Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin at his Hamptons home.

Her regular companions include Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.), John Sununu, Sr, venture capitalist Mark Ein, Chicago Cubs VP John McDonough and Democratic lawyer Julian Epstein. She was engaged to John Daggett, AOL millionaire.

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