May 08, 2005


That's It--We're Leaving

I was sitting on the couch the other day as usual, watching a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. That night, Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R-Maryland) was recounting a speaking gig he had in a church where Jesse Jackson had preached the week before. Steele was told by churchgoers that while Jackson was at the pulpit, he said something like how there are many more important things than gay marriage to get all bent out of shape about, and many of the congregation got up and walked out.

It seems that it's almost always conservatives (especially those with a certain imaginary friend) who get so offended by words or a movie or some other performance that they have to show everyone that THEY ARE REALLY PISSED OFF by theatrically storming out. Rather than staying and listening or watching and maybe fucking learning a thing or two, they run off holding their ears in the name of jesus or good taste or whatever. RETREAT! I thought they were supposed to be tough, not a bunch of crying, sissy ass liberals.
get back on the couch, you
Oops. New nurse just showed up, gotta go.

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