May 24, 2005


I'm Baaaack!

Sodfest is over and the shit lines have been replaced--now all I have to do is clear out the empty beer bottles and scrub the dried sludge off the basement floor. Today I actually read a little news and saw that the christers are having a hissy fit over alleged betrayals by moderate Republicans. It's starting to get so bad that even a few hundred xtians from "christian left" Calvin College in conservative Dutch-lousy Grand Rapids, MI signed a letter of protest criticizing regional hero Dubya (Pssst! Hey, Calvin College--if you really want to be taken seriously as a local voice of reason, you might want to think about changing your name. Just saying).

Blog alert: after a six-week hiatus, Bughouse Square has been updated. Looks like cool new shit will be forthcoming.

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