May 15, 2005


The Good Old Days

Remember way back in 2003 when a lot of folks were up in arms (no pun intended) over George W. asking for a mere 87 billion dollars for the war?

I'm feeling nostalgic already:
$441 Billion Approved for Defense

Hint: Go Long CRDN and DHB
PS.,fuckers, this ain't no solicitation, guarantee, etc,etc, they just happen to be beaten down in the defense sector, CHRIST!!! Those SEC rules are a bitch, I'm not a broker, and don't know shit, however I do own both,,,HOLY CHRIST!!!don't sue me, don't buy them, I retract my initial statement!!!Give all your fuckin' money to the church, or some other altruistic organization, the stock market is evil and all they want is your money!!!!!!!
PPS. Hopefully that was a good enough disclaimer.
PPPS. Do nothing, Save nothing, Remain a wage slave for the rest of your life. Your riches are in heaven.."incorruptible crown" and all that BS......And for fuck's sake, DON'T INVEST IN SECURITIES!!!!
Go Calvin!

Hope your feeling better. It's good to see your being attended to by a nice naughty nurse with a wicked sponge bath;)
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