May 27, 2005


Fuck You In The Name Of Jesus

North Carolina sure is a happenin' place lately--after some good 'ol god-fearing Baptists creatively told the Muslims where they can get off, some other folks went back to basics and burned three crosses around town in Durham. Now, I don't wanna give the entire state a bad rap, I'm sure there are mostly level-headed folks out there. I also heard that one can find some good down-home cooking in the area.

master race hottie

Oh, shit.....

I don't get cross burning. I feel like burning a cross is something that an Islamic hate group might do to scare christians. But I guess we are talking about the Klan. Can anyone tell me what a burning cross symbolizes?
They're not actually "burning" a cross, they call it "lighting" a cross, somehow it supposedly symbolizes that they're the "light of the world", the only "true Xtians", the "true heirs to Christ's Kingdom", etc., etc. Bunch of "bass-ackwards" FUCKS, if you ask me.
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