March 04, 2005


The Money's On The Dresser

I don't know about you, but I am getting fucking sick of hearing the supposedly lefty Chicago Public Radio tell me every day how the program I'm hearing is "made possible" by none other than Wal-Mart.....they even say something in an upbeat voice about "everyday low prices". What the bloody fuck? NPR has been grating on me for a while anyway, it's too goddamned nice and non-confrontational; plus, I CANNOT STAND the slurred, dry-mouth smacking voice of news reader Carl Kasell, who sounds as if he is always playing "chubby bunny" when he talks. I swear that fucker must have gotten the job through the ADA.

Fortunately, I heard Air America Radio is making a comeback at the end of this month--if that happens, I'm through with WBEZ except for the late night music. Drop fucking dead, Carl!

Pressure wound alert: more links added today, scroll down to whittle away more of your life online.

NPR is a fucking joke. Nothing but a waste of taxpayer ends (that's ebonics crackers!). Air America is even more pathetic. Al Franken is the best they can do? So sad.
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