March 28, 2005


God Told Me To Blow Up This Courthouse

religious nut case

Everyone get out your calendars or day planners or whatever and be ready with a big red marker to circle the date Terri Schiavo finally dries up like a potato chip and enters into fundy martyrdom (but into eternal damnation for being a Catholic). I am predicting right now that some act of domestic terrorism will go down on the first anniversary of her overdue demise. Many many many insane motherfuckers are pissed off, and now they are starting to turn on the Republicans, especially Jeb (another Mary-worshipper), and Florida tube-yanking judge George Greer, who just withdrew his membership from the Southern Baptist church he attended. Believe me, they are not going to let this one go.

Excuse me, I have to go stock up on duct tape now.

If I was those guys, i.e, the judge who allowed the tube to be yanked and others, I'd be sizing myself for a full body kevlar coccoon right about now. Praise Jesus, those southern christian nuts are some CRAZY MOTHERFUCKERS!! I think there's room in my neighborhood to live? Paul CFD
well personally i would have made the same decision as the judge. she has been in a coma for what? 15 years about? im not exaclty sure but anywho...about 100 years ago the girl would have been dead a long time ago. i dont mean to go around tellin people to let their loved ones die and i understand it must be hard, but i really dont think she will ever come back!
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