February 26, 2005


You Can't Have It Both Ways Pt. 2

Texas State Representative Rick Green stated in an article yesterday that religious values and symbols should be a part of government like the founding fathers supposedly intended--and if you don't like it, too fucking bad: "I believe that this nation was formed as a nation under God. The reason you have rights is because the government recognizes that these rights come from God. You're going to be offended in a free society, and we live in a free society. It's life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; not life, liberty and the right to never be offended." I guess this means that Rep. Green has no problem with gay marriage, violent video games, gangsta rap, godless rock & roll, naughty words or sex on TV, etc. and regularly votes against legislation that would suppress or censor any of those things.....

I'm offended by this post.
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