February 28, 2005


Put Your Ass Where Your Mouth Is

All you firefighters out there who voted for the war can now REALLY support the troops like that ribbon sticker on your huge truck says you do--your friends at the notorious Wackenhut Corporation are offering immediate positions on "secure" military bases in Iraq for $90,000-$138,000 plus benefits. Come on, I'm sure your department will happily grant you a leave of absence for your service to the country. Hell, you could probably just quit your current job, I'm sure there will be years and years of work out there for you.

Thanks for the info, Jeff. That made a fine spoon for stirring the pot.

--from the indomitable Phineas J. Whoopie
He. :=D

Do you know about Steve Gilliard's campaign to get Jonah Goldberg to enlist for Iraq? It's hilarious - I think someone ought to send Goldberg (and a mess of others) the info about Wackenhut too.

Gilliard's campaign to get Goldberg to enlist:

Mommy, mommy, the bloggers are being mean to me!
Thanks for the info, got hired and am going to Iraq as a firefighter for Wackenhut. Just suporting the troops like the sticker on my oversized gas guzzler says I do. Thanks again, Rick - Firefighter, NC and Iraq
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