February 23, 2005


Lining Up The Ducks

Following up last week's smooch-fest between Sec. of State Rice and France, W. played nice with the Germans today. I'll bet my tax return we're in Iran with our European pals by July 4th.

I hope you're wrong, Jeff, but I suppose it doesn't matter what "we the people" want anymore.

Anyway, it remains to be seen if the German government heeds the wishes of it's constituents and refuses to get involved in Bush's latest folly. If yesterday's events in Mainz are any indication, the Bushies will have to attack Iran without German help.

Isn't it amazing how Bush's forays into actual democracy usually involve all the real people either being removed or carefully selected for ideological compatibility?
If you suffered through Numbnut's last "State of Disunion", he spells it out, WE'RE DOIN' IT. He's incredibly transparent. There's no "reading between the lines", refer back to the pre-Iraq state of the union...obvious...and DESPICABLE....I hope there's a Hell
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