February 08, 2005


Gospel In, Garbage Out

In this article, writer Teresa Whitehurst explains how it's no use employing logic when dealing with the rabid religious right:

"..... liberal and moderate writers make the same mistaken assumption about what's causing right wing Christians to become more actively intolerant towards people who are different from themselves: that intolerance and persecution fly in the face of Christian teachings, hence represent hypocrisy. And if that's all it is, then we need only alert them to this fact and they, being Christians, will be horrified to realize that they've been led astray, repent, and change their ways.

My friend, the truth hurts: Intolerance has become a standard "Christian" teaching in conservative circles and is now a badge of honor. It's now the most readily observable hallmark of the virtuous and courageous conservative Christian.

Because intolerance is now a virtue to be acquired rather than a vice to be cast away, there is nothing that you or I can say to awaken the conscience of conservative Christians. They're too far gone, for their beliefs have changed radically over the last few years. They worship a different God than the one we grew up with; perhaps it's more accurate to say that they worship the Old Testament God, without the moderating influence of Jesus, who's considered symbolic and sweet and nice-but nobody whose teachings must be obeyed.

Ask a conservative Christian about Jesus' teachings, and you'll be told that they're wonderful spiritual teachings-for the inner life, not the outer."

This is why these proud-to-be-assholes can see right through Democrats who are suddenly promoting faith and values, and why they'll never be swayed by intellectuals such as Whitehurst who, for some reason, feel the need to believe in the same (slightly less harsh) imaginary friend that they do. It's time to start being more on the offensive with this cult that, for all their talk about backwards Islamic countries, would love nothing more than to turn this one into (even more of) a religious state.

HARVEY Saves!!!!!!!!!!
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