February 04, 2005


Dummy Up!

Another fascist loudmouth made things worse yesterday. Marine Lt. General James Mattis blabbed that shooting Arabs is "a hell of a lot of fun". I know quite a few people, especially at work, that would agree ("kill 'em all", "bomb those 'dune coons' back to the stone age", etc.) as they and their leader Rush laugh off the atrocities at Abu-Ghirab and Guantanamo as merely frat boy pranks. These are the same guys who have Vietnam POW stickers on their trucks and swell with nostalgic pride over images of the noble, pure-hearted American soldier in "Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers".

(Sidebar: Last week at work while watching the news reports on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the concentration camp jokes started flying. Finally one guy says, "Hey, that shit isn't funny; my grandfather was killed in Auschwitz.....he fell out of the guard tower and broke his fuckin' neck!" Laughter all around.)

What they are too thick to figure out besides equating Islam, and never Christianity, with terrorism (a whole other subject) is that publicly talking shit and especially taking Polaroids of shit just recruits more "terrorists". Fuck, even Ted Nugent has more tact.

Wango Tango!!!
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