February 10, 2005


Ass Wednesday

It's that time again....after another year of co-workers ridiculing "ragheads", "dotheads", turbans, yarmulkes, etc., the same fools showed up for work yesterday with black smudges on their foreheads.

Hello, Jeff. I just thought I'd share this little anecdote with you:

Last workday (Tuesday) I was watching PBS's Frontline, and it was a two-hour look at the House of Saud. There were two other firefighters near the TV, and somehow we got into a side discussion about the state of Israel. I think it had something to do with bin Laden's statements about the Palestinian occupation or something.

Anyway, one of the firefighters got a bit of a hump in his back and started saying something about Israel's (and I paraphrase) 'biblically historical' claim to the "Holy Land." I pointed out that-- prior to the late 1940's-- the "nation" of Israel hadn't existed since the Romans absorbed what was left of it in the first century A.D. The modern Israel, I tried to explain, was a creation of the British and the U.S. Before I could get any further, he started babbling something about 'this all being prophesied,' and that 'I think we're in the end times.'

I wasn't exactly shocked to hear this guy's pro-Israel slant (he'd mentioned such sentiments before), but I was still floored by the reversion to harebrained, simplistic fundie hogwash.

According to him, our national leaders' free will, as evidenced in their foreign policy decisions, are meaningless. Craven thirst for oil? Not important. See, its all in the book of Revelations, you modernist heathens...
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