February 07, 2005


As Safe As It Gets

Since Mister Rogers is dead, organizers of the Super Bowl halftime show came up with the next best thing in Paul McCartney, a guy who hasn't written a good song since the 1960s (and then only with the help of the currently spinning John Lennon). There may not have been a visible breast hanging out, but last night all of America was sucking hard on the teat of classic rock nostalgia. Gag. Bring back Up With People.

My but we're negative, why'd you watch the
"Stupor Bowl" to begin with? In doing so, you were "sucking at the teat" of America's social
religion, something I'm surprised you'd do....
Yer right, it is uncharacteristic of me, the only reason I watched it, the only reason I ever watch televised sports, is because I was GAMBLING. Gotta have some guilty pleasures, it cuts down on the negativity, ha.
My wife and I spurned the annual metaphorical public exercise in proxy warfare again this year. We went out to a movie instead. Saw "Sideways," and it was pretty good. Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh were both extremely hot, and that was quite the unexpected treat for me in a Hollywood movie.

Which brings me to the subject of "visible breasts." Though I had no desire whatsoever to park myself in front of the idiot box for the sake of watching this year's gladiatorial competition, I was mildly interested in the commercials. It turns out that the only one I would have found worth watching (I saw it at their website) was the one for GoDaddy.com. If I may quote Gene Wilder's character in "Young Frankenstein" (though slightly out of context), "What knockers!"
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